10 California Backpacking Trips on My Bucket List

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7. Backpack the Rae Lakes Loop

This trail runs through both Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, two parks I have yet to visit but have heard only great things.

8. Backpack to Duck Lake

Just the other day I drove into the Mammoth Lakes area for the first time and was blown away by the scenery. I’ll be tackling one of my California hiking bucket list items on this trip (Mt. Whitney) but I know I’ll need to come back and spend a night in the Mammoth backcountry.

9. Beach Camp on Santa Rosa Island

I’ve explored very little of Southern California. Most of my time in that part of the state has revolved around eating donuts and drinking beers in Newport Beach. Santa Rosa Island looks like a good spot to crack open a beer I actually earned with a long hike in.

10. Backpack to the “Waterfall Camp” in Desolation Wilderness

Yeah, I know this is the trip I mentioned above. My first backpacking trip in California was one of those trips where before it was over, I knew I’d have to come back and I’m sure I will.

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