20 Genius Car Hacks That Instantly Make Drivers’ Lives So Much Easier Than They Ever Imagined

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If you’re a commuter, spending even a couple of hours behind the wheel each day can be taxing; not just on your poor, traffic-hating self, but also on your car. As those problems start piling up, car owners are all too frequently left with no choice but to deal with it or shell out for costly repairs and upgrades.

Luckily, there are a handful of car hacks you can utilize to make every commute a better experience! Whether you’re a commuter who spends hours per day in bumper-to-bumper traffic or someone who only goes to church every Sunday, every driver should know these 20 tricks!

1. Protect your car’s doors: Drivers with a tendency to whack their car doors on the walls of their garages can benefit from a repurposed pool noodle. Just stick the noodle to the wall with nails or glue and—bada boom, bada bing—you’ve got a door-saving bumper!

2. Guide your parking: Spend some time aligning your car perfectly in your garage, and then hang a tennis ball from the ceiling so it’s touching the car’s windshield. In the future, you’ll only have to pull your car up to the ball to know you’re perfectly parked.

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