20 Genius Home Hacks That Help Families Save Tons Of Money On Their Electric Bill Each Month

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Home is the place where you want to feel the most comfortable. You deserve a little respite from the outside world, right? But turning your home into a sanctuary isn’t always cheap. From heating your house to the myriad small appliances you use daily, making your home your personal oasis can take a toll—both on your wallet and the environment.

Fortunately, for those who want to save money (and maybe even help save the environment in the process), there are all sort of things you can do. Here are 20 awesome ways you can be more energy-conscious around your home without sacrificing any of that oh-so-precious comfort!

1. Watch the thermostat: You might not think much about bumping up your heat when it gets really cold, but did you know that you could be saving five percent on your bill for every single degree you’re willing to subtract from your dial? That adds up fast!

2. Close the drapes: Your window treatments are decorative, but they can also be functional. Drawing shut your curtains at night in the winter can cut back on your home’s heat loss by a whopping 20 percent!

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