5 Best Backpacking Destinations

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Backpacking is an incredible way to see the world. While backpacking may be more adventurous than traditional travel, it provides travelers the chance to have a more authentic experience and stay on a budget.

If this type of travel is new to you, it can seem a bit daunting. But, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of the 5 best backpacking destinations around the world. So, read on and start planning your backpacking adventure today!

5. Vietnam

halong bay vietnam

                                                    Swim in the crystal clear water of Halong Bay.

An up and coming destination, Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the best backpacking destinations. From the mountains to the coast, this Southeast Asian country is a unique destination to visit. With hostel beds being $5 and delicious street food between $1 to $2, staying on budget while exploring Vietnam is very easy.

  • Where to Go

For big-city lovers, don’t leave without exploring Hanoi. Vietnam’s capital, this is a city rich with culture and history. Discover the city’s many museums to get acquainted with Vietnamese culture. See the Quan Se Temple and learn more about the Buddhist faith. Wander the twisting streets of the Old Quarter. There, shop and eat at the local vendors. With a bowl of Pho no more than $1, you can’t beat those prices, or tastes.

To really live like a local, rent a motorbike and head to the famous Vietnamese beaches. Untouched and idyllic, these beaches are the perfect place for some relaxation after the hustle and bustle of the city. Explore the various islands in Halong Bay or go scuba diving in Nha Trang.

vietnam sapa region

                                                 Trek through the Sapa region and live like a local.

  • What to Do

Explore the Sapa region and experience daily life in a rural community. Sapa O’Chau offers multi-day treks that will take you through various villages like Suoi Ho and Matra. Meet the local people and learn about local herbal remedies. Since Vietnam is one of the largest producers of rice, discover the rice paddies in the area and how this staple crop is produced. Most importantly, this social enterprise helps support the educational endeavors of local students.

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