The Seven Best Multi Day Backpacking Trips in the Canadian Rockies

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For every hike I complete here in the Canadian Rockies I add another two to my list. Either thanks to other avid hikers whom I meet on the trails, through guide books recommendations or photos I come across online.

The hiking season in the Rockies lasts only 3-4 months, so prioritizing and picking a backcountry trip suitable to your abilities and time restrictions is important.

The backcountry trails and campsites in Canada’s national and provincial parks are well looked after and contain everything you need to ensure an enjoyable and safe trip.

Heading into the backcountry will allow you to experience the mountains in a more intimate way. Bare in mind though, that backpacking experiences are well sought after and you may have to spend a few hours on the phone or online trying to reserve the campsites.

Some book out more than 6 months in advance so planning ahead is not only recommended but necessary!

If you are coming to Canada with an intention to road trip around the Rockies and want to include a multiday backpacking trip in your itinerary, make sure to book the latter first and plan the rest of your holidays around it.


1. Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

If I was playing word association with someone and they said “Canadian Rockies” then “Mount Assiniboine” would be my reply. Mount Assiniboine owes its popularity not only to its beauty, but also to its accessibility. You can reach it by foot, by helicopter, on horseback or skis in the Winter.

It has 3 different accommodation options ranging from over 500$ per person per night at the Assiniboine lodge to 10$ per person per night at the campsite.

September is popular time to visit, particularly amongst photography enthusiasts, when the larch trees turn yellow and the peaks are covered by fresh snow.

Location: 45km south of Banff

Distance: 3 different hiking options between 25km and 30km one-way

Days recommended: 3 – 5

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