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Picking your next destination isn’t easy, but there’s a better way than spinning a big globe, closing your eyes and slamming your finger down (it’ll probably end up in middle of the Atlantic, and wifi there is patchy, to say the least). Introducing our ultimate month-by-month destination guide: your no-fuss list of places to go, things to see, and good weather to chase around the world.

We’re looking at December, a month of festive spirit and celebration across the world – which means there’s no better time to dust off that passport and start exploring! While the northern half of the globe are pulling on their warmest knits and sitting in front of crackling fires, those to the South are embracing short sleeves, longer days and warm weather.  Whether you’re in the mood for mulled wine and Christmas markets in Europe, or looking for a beach escape in the tropics – these are the places you should be adding to your itinerary for December.

1. Germany

Christmas in Europe is a time for centuries-old traditions with all the trimmings. Sorry to break it to you travellers, but you really haven’t experienced the festive season until you’ve experienced it at an enchanting German Weihnachtsmarkt. Amongst the snow-dusted market stalls selling handcrafted trinkets, fir trees adorned with ornaments, and the cinnamon scent of glühwein, the romance of the holiday season truly comes alive. The topic of which Christmas market is the best and biggest is still hotly contested, but Nuremberg, Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt consistently rank in top lists. Once you’ve ticked those off, why not follow the festive spirit through the Christmas markets of Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary too!?

Trips to take:

  • 9-day Christmas Markets of Central Europe
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