Top 5 Backpacking Trips in Grand Canyon

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2. Hermit/Tonto/Bright Angel

The 25-mile route going down the Hermit Trail, across the Tonto Trail, and up the Bright Angel Trail, is a Grand Canyon classic. Unlike the straight up and down rim-to-river routes in the park, nearly half of this multi-day trek is on the relatively flat Tonto Plateau the mezzanine level of the Grand Canyon that looks out onto stunning views of North Rim stone temples and the snaking Colorado River.

Recommended 4-Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Descend from Hermits Rest down Hermit Trail to Hermit Creek campground

Day 2: Hermit Creek to Monument Creek camp (easy day with 3.5 miles of hiking)

Day 3: From Monument take Tonto Trail to Bright Angel Trail and camp at Indian Garden

Day 4: Indian Garden to Bright Angel Trailhead. Note: Reliable water is at Hermit, Monument and Indian Garden; do not drink heavily mineralized water from Horn or Salt Creeks.

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