Top 5 Backpacking Trips in Grand Canyon

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3. Grandview/Tonto/Bright Angel

Be prepared for high mileage hiking along with the big views on this 35-mile Tonto Trail-centered route. Descend from the¬†South Rim’s Grandview Point¬†off the lip of Horseshoe Mesa to Cottonwood Creek, then head west across the Tonto Trail to Grapevine Creek and Lonetree Canyon. Continue on the Tonto to the intersection with Bright Angel Trail and camp your final night at Indian Garden.

Recommended 5-Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Grandview Trail to Cottonwood Creek camp (4.5 miles)

Day 2: Hike on Tonto Trail from Cottonwood to Grapevine Canyon (5.5 miles)

Day 3: Grapevine to Lonetree Canyon (8.7 miles)

Day 4: Lonetree to Bright Angel Trail and Indian Garden campground (10 miles)

Day 5: Indian Garden to Bright Angel Trailhead (4.5 miles). Hike in early spring or late fall when temperatures on the Tonto are mild.

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